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Our Goats

Yes, we have quite the menagerie of animals here. I use to raise pygmy goats but have always been intrigued by the Fainting Goats. I always imprint and spend time with the babies so they are friendly. Here you will find pictures of my goats both past and present. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. I don't know it all but am willing to answer any questions I can and be of help to you.

Kya (tri-colored fainter) is naturally hornless. He is my Billy Goat.

Kya as a baby......


Kya grown up.....


My newest addition is Mya. She is a black and white fainter doe. Pictured here at 3 months of age. I will be breeding her with Kya for a baby in 2010.

Come on back to see how the family progresses! 


Jazmine passed away September 2009. I will miss her terribly! 


2009 kid of Jazmine and Kya


Sold to Jerad Lemke of Richland Center, WI for a gift for his wife!


2008 kid of Jazmine and Kya

Sold to Kristie Baumann of Oxford, WI. Congratulations!!




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