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                     Cowboy Cocker Puppy Page     



Welcome to my Cocker Spaniel Puppy page. If you're here, that means you're as thrilled with the American Cocker Spaniel as I am. I started breeding American Cocker Spaniels so that I could offer Cocker Spaniels to families whether they showed or just wanted to have a loving lap dog. I have received emails, cards and letters from my puppies new adoptive families saying how special their Cocker Spaniel is to them. It warms my heart to have my Cocker Spaniels with loving forever families. Not to mention the cards and emails with photos I receive of my previous Cocker Spaniel puppies as they grow up. I prefer not to ship, probably because I never have and have no idea how to even go about it. You know how change is difficult! My American  Cocker Spaniel puppies so far have gone to several locations in Wisconsin and Illinois. If you have any questions I'd be glad to answer them for you about my Cocker puppies.


**I am looking for a parti colored female puppy AKC registered to replace Calamity as she will be retiring after another litter or two. If you have one please email me with pictures. If you'd be interested in trading for one of my puppies let me know, otherwise let me know your price for full registration.


Calamity had her puppies!



Kingsley (Choc male) at 3 mo old

Kingsley will be on the smaller side for a Cocker like his mother. Very sweet puppy with a goofy personality that makes you laugh.

Puppy pics at 6 weeks of age! 

Here are pictures of them when they were just 2 weeks old.

                          Female Akira     Female Echo  Female Hoshi   Male Hercules(sable)  Male Kingsley




Some of Calamity's previous puppies



Willow and Mya


These puppies have all gone to their forever homes. Congratulations!


Here are Lacey's previous puppies 

Aren't these little Cocker Spaniel's

just ADORABLE!!!



Deakin   Black         Nikki  Silver Buff

These puppies have all gone to their forever homes. Congratulations to everyone!



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